Post brought across from his Facebook posting on the Angolan, Mozambican and African WAR RELICS group, by Johan Bezuidenhout (who was one of the Squadron Commanders of the RPS tanks during this battle: ” It has been 26 years and I can’t always recall actual names or callsigns, but here are the facts of which tanks were damaged during Tumpo 3. There were no other tanks damaged. Three tanks were left in the Tumpo area. These are the ones that you have photos of. I think that Anton Le Roux is spot on in his interpretation and his allocation of the photographs to the various vehicles. Events in rough chronological order: Callsign T13 (I think) commanded by Lt JJ Pietersen hit a mine during the approach at the first minefield. It blew off a bogie and the track. This tank was recovered successfully and later repaired by the crew and tiffies in our laager area. It was not short tracked, because the suspension was blown away. It was dragged back by the A Sqn ARV. Callsign T23 (aka 52) commanded by 2Lt Oosthuizen hit a huge boosted mine at the second minefield, which, BTW we were not aware of, and lost suspension parts and track. This happened on our second jump after breaching minefield one. The recovery by the ARV and Gerrie Louw’s tank was unsuccessful and the tank was abandoned and its crew transferred to the other tanks for evacuation. This tank was still in minefield two when it was left behind. Callsign T12A, commanded by SSgt ???, was a mine roller tank. This tank suffered suspension damage and a lost track and was hooked up to (I think) three of A Sqdn’s tanks. It was moved, but at a glacial pace. When I last observed it, it was crossing our path and moving somewhat parallel to the minefield. It was impossible to direct this contraption and was eventually cut loose from the kinetic ropes by co-ax fire and abandoned. It was left between the two minefields. Callsign T2xA or T2xB (aka 53), unknown commander, lost a track during the withdrawal when it made too sharp a turn in the loose sand. It was subsequently abandoned and the crew evacuated in other tanks. Its location at the time was between the two minefields. The Ratel that is mentioned as damaged in the minefield was the sapper’s vehicle which hit some AP mines as they went forward to detonate the misfired plofadder. This was recovered with no problems at all.”

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