Piet, thank you for pointing that fact out! I, myself spend countless hours of researching and drawing and designing and planning content for War In Angola and it is indeed sad to see others try and make a profit out of others’ hard work. I must confess though that I also use Wikipedia often to obtain information and specifications, but I do try and make a point of acknowledging them and their hard work. Where would we be if it wasn’t for Wikipedia? I made a small donation towards their cause the other day and regret that I could not make a larger contribution. They are a non-profit organisation and if anyone deserves to be getting some funding, its them. I have been carrying the War In Angola project out of my own personal pocket since 2007 and I know how it drains your time and resources. I can’t even manage to collect 5% of the monthly costs of running this service through PREMIUM MEMBER subscriptions! Neither does any local business show any inclination towards sponsoring or even paying for some advertising. Its only my passion towards military history, wargaming, and specifically the Border War and all things SADF that motivate me and carry me through every month. Its gratifying to see members enjoying the content and commenting on it. I know its not quite Facebook and NOT as easy to use as all that but I am working continually on making the 10-year old software interface better. I appreciate all suggestions and recommendations and thank all the WIA members for their support.

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